Bounce Houses

Bounce Houses

Let’s Bounce!

Nothing shouts ‘fun’ like a high-quality bounce house! At Shining Knight Party Rentals, we specialize in bringing smiles and laughter to events with our range of eye-catching, safe, and sanitized inflatables. Designed to entertain and built to last, our bounce houses are the life of any party!

  • Introducing the Big Yellow Jumper, the jewel in the crown of Shining Knight Party Rentals' bounce house collection. More than just a bounce house, it's a larger-than-life, sunny experience that promises to be the showstopper at any event. Available exclusively from Shining Knight Party Rentals—book now to guarantee a day of radiant fun!
  • Welcome to the Jungle Bounce Combo—a place where imagination meets action and every bounce is an adventure waiting to happen! Perfect for little explorers and adventurers at heart, this thrilling combo unit offers an amazing mix of bouncing and sliding fun. Don’t miss out on this jungle jamboree! Exclusively at Shining Knight Party Rentals—reserve your adventure today!
  • Step into a fairytale kingdom with the Pink Princess Bounce House! Perfect for your little princess and her royal court, this enchanting inflatable promises a magical day filled with bouncy delight.
  • Introducing the enchanting realm of the Princess Castle Bounce House by Shining Knight Party Rentals! A majestic fortress crafted with twinkling turrets and dreamy drawbridges, it's every little princess's fairy tale brought to life. Step through the castle gates, and you're transported to a magical kingdom where imaginations run wild. Swirling in hues of pink, purple, and gold, this bounce house isn't just an inflatable – it's a ticket to a world where every bounce feels like floating on a cloud and every laugh echoes the joy of enchanting tales.
  • Choo choo! All aboard the Train Jumper Bounce House, specially designed for our little conductors and rail enthusiasts. This toddler-centric bounce house offers a safe and thrilling play area that mimics the exciting world of trains. With vibrant colors, locomotive-themed details, and soft, cushioned bouncing areas, it's the perfect playful setting for young children to explore, imagine, and have fun.
  • Get ready for a magical adventure that your little ones will never forget! The Unicorn Princess Bounce House from Shining Knight Party Rentals is a fantasy-filled jumping paradise, meticulously designed for the young and young at heart. As unique as it is enchanting, our Unicorn Princess Bounce House is available exclusively from us—so book today to make fairytales come true!


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