Octopus 5 in 1 Combo (Dry)

Octopus 5 in 1 Combo (Dry)

Octopus 5 in 1 Combo (Dry)


Are you ready for an aquatic adventure? Meet the Octopus 5-in-1 Combo, your ultimate passport to an underwater world packed with ninja excitement! Only available at Shining Knight Party Rentals! Reserve your underwater ninja quest now!


Why the Octopus 5-in-1 Combo is a Party Sensation!

  • Multiple Activities: With five different activities, from bouncing to climbing and sliding, your young ninjas will never run out of adventures!
  • Underwater Octopus Theme: This unique combo features vibrant, exciting artwork, adding an extra layer of imagination to your event.
  • Safety Guaranteed: Engineered with the highest quality materials and securely anchored to ensure all participants can explore safely.
  • Easy and Convenient: Our team handles everything from setup to takedown, freeing you up to enjoy the party.


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