Mini Allstar

Mini Allstar

Mini Allstar


Mini Allstar: Where Little Feet Meet Big Leaps!

Take a leap into a world of boundless fun with Shining Knight Party Rentals’ Mini Allstar! This compact yet charismatic bounce house is every little sport star’s dream come true. Designed to fit snugly in smaller spaces, the Mini Allstar doesn’t skimp on the fun. Its sporty design instantly ignites the playful spirit, encouraging kids to jump, bounce, and invent their own fun games.

Why Mini Allstar is a Grand Slam:

  • Perfectly Sized: Tailored for those tighter spaces, yet spacious enough to host your little squad of bouncers.
  • Safety First, Always: At Shining Knight Party Rentals, safety isn’t a game. The Mini Allstar is crafted with high-quality materials and adheres to strict safety guidelines, providing a worry-free play haven for the little ones.
  • Active Play Advocate: Let those little feet leap, bounce, and explore! The Mini Allstar promotes active play, helping in the development of motor skills, balance, and coordination in a thrilling, enjoyable manner.


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