Dash-N-Splash Bounce House (Wet Combo)


Dive into a whirlwind of excitement with the Dash-N-Splash Bounce House! Merging the jubilance of classic bouncing with the exhilaration of a water escapade, this Wet Combo is every child’s summertime dream come true.

  • Double the Fun: The Dash-N-Splash is a fusion of lively bounce zones and a refreshing slide that ends in a cool splash pool. The result? Unending fun, jump after jump, splash after splash.
  • Safety First: Designed with kids at the forefront, the Dash-N-Splash boasts durable, slip-resistant materials, reinforced anchoring points, and cushioned edges. The splash pool is of a controlled depth, ensuring every landing is safe and enjoyable.
  • Bright & Vibrant Design: Its cheerful color palette, combined with water-themed graphics, instantly draws attention and sets the mood for an unforgettable day of frolic.
  • Easy Monitoring: Strategically placed mesh windows allow guardians to have a clear view of the action inside, ensuring peace of mind while the little ones have the time of their lives.
  • Sun Shield Canopy: Enjoy prolonged playtime without worries as the Dash-N-Splash comes equipped with a shaded area to offer protection from the sun’s rays.
  • Premium Build: Crafted from high-quality, water-resistant materials, this bounce house ensures durability while providing a plush and comfortable surface for every water-soaked bounce.

Transform any backyard or event space into a haven of joy and laughter with the Dash-N-Splash Bounce House. It’s not just a play area—it’s a delightful experience, promising memories that will be cherished for years to come!