American Boxing Slide (Wet)

American Boxing Slide (Wet)

American Boxing Slide (Wet)


Introducing the American Boxing Slide, the ultimate fusion of thrill and theme! It’s not just a slide; it’s an arena where young gladiators can slide into action and come out champions. Perfect for parties, community events, or just a backyard brawl, this slide delivers a knockout punch of fun! Only available from Shining Knight Party Rentals—reserve it today to secure your title match of a lifetime!



Why the American Boxing Slide is the Undisputed Champion of Party Fun!

  • Thematic Thrills: Decked out in stars, stripes, and boxing gloves, this slide sets the stage for an epic match of fun!
  • Safety Above All: Made with top-quality materials and designed for secure anchoring, we ensure a safe and smooth experience.
  • Easy Set-Up: Our team of experts handle setup and takedown, allowing you to focus on the main event.
  • Sanitary and Clean: The slide is meticulously cleaned and sanitized before and after each rental, for a fresh and healthy play environment.
  • Exclusivity: Just like a championship title, the American Boxing Slide is a rare treasure, available only at Shining Knight Party Rentals.


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